Bonus Round

Video games aren't limited to certain times on certain days, and we love sharing our video games with you, the viewers! If one of our hosts has spare time and wants to play a game, we enable the Bonus Round. These shows are a free-form format, and basically are a way for our viewers to enjoy our streams, while we enjoy your company! We hope that you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy making it for you.

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is a show in which the live chat audience has direct control over how well or how poorly the hosts play in a driving or racing game! Throughout the show, viewers are tasked with sending the hosts questions about whatever they feel like, while the host is tasked with answering these questions while still attempting to do well in the game. Our promise is this: we'll answer all of your questions, but we can't promise they'll be right!

First & Ten

Don't have an hour to watch a video about a game that you want to know more about? We've got you covered with First & Ten! Our hosts will take a look at the first ten minutes of a video game, streamed live and then available on-demand the next day. This is the best way to get a taste of a game that interests you, without giving away too much story if that's a thing, and in an amount that you can watch quickly and easily!

Happy Hour

Sit back, kick your legs up, and, if you are of legal drinking age, grab yourself a libation, for the standard work week is over, and it's time for Happy Hour! Every week, we take a break from the strict confines that we are posed with, and play a random game for an hour or so, while the host enjoys a beverage of their choosing. The chat audience is welcome to join in while we relax with whatever the game that is chosen is. We are always taking requests for what our next week's game should be, so feel free to let us know what you'd like to see in the chat, or via our social media channels!

Mistakes Were Made

In Mistakes Were Made, the host is forced to play a very difficult game, trying to quell their anger as they attempt to complete each task that is put in front of them. These games will be some of the more difficult and unforgiving games, and viewers are encouraged to attempt to give them tips that may help make their day go smoother. Hopefully the host doesn't end up getting too angry as the show progresses!

Start to Finish

Start to Finish is an extended-format show in which the host plays a role-playing game from its beginning to its end! For older RPGs, the host is tasked with providing his or her own voice acting. The live chat audience is able to give the host tips and tricks in order to be better at the game and succeed in the challenges that are posed. For those who enjoy the storytelling created in these worlds, this is the show to watch!


In Vanilla, the hosts take to the wild lands of Minecraft in order to complete goals which are decided upon by the live chat audience! Since there are no mods whatsoever in this server, the hosts are tasked with staying alive and surviving, while making progress towards becoming a more well-equipped adventurer in the world. During each episode, a member of the live chat audience is able to join the hosts in the server to assist with whatever that episode's goal is!